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AUDITIONS – She Stoops to Conquer Feb. 13 and 14!

Audition Notice

She Stoops to Conquer

By Oliver Goldsmith

Adapted by Toshik Bukowiecki

She Stoops to Conquer was first presented at Covent Garden Theatre, March 15th, 1773.  It concerns Kate Hardcastle, a young aristocratic lady who poses as a servant girl to win the heard of a young gentleman too shy to court ladies of his own class.  A number of delightful deceits, misunderstandings and hilarious turns of plot must be played out before the mating strategies of Kate and her friend Constance conclude happily.

The script has been adapted for the play to be set in 1922. You can find it at:


Saturday, February 13th         1:00 pm – 4:00pm     Rehearsal Room

Sunday, February 14th            7:00 pm – 9:00pm    Rehearsal Room

Tuesday, February 16th          7:00 pm – 9:00 pm     Rehearsal Room  –  Callback auditions


Mr. Dick Hardcastle – A kind but irascible country gentleman – age, 60 plus.

Mrs. Dorothy Hardcastle –   second wife to Mr. Hardcastle, mother to Tony Lumpkin and    guardian to Constance Neville.  She is a sweet but silly woman who indulges her son beyond her husband’s endurance – age, 57 but admitting to 40.

Tony Lumpkin – a country bumpkin who likes to drink and carouse, – not yet of legal age – about 20.

Miss Kate Hardcastle – daughter of Mr. Hardcastle from his first marriage.  A young, refined, clever young lady – age, early 20’s.

Miss Constance Neville – ward to Mrs. Hardcastle and friend to Kate, in love with Mr. Hastings – age, 20’s.

Mr. Marlow – son of Sir Charles Marlow.  A young gentleman, not confident with women of his own class but a rue with other young women – age, 20 – 30.

Hastings – best friend of young Marlow and betrothed to Constance Neville – age, 20 – 30.

Sir Charles Marlow – father of Marlow and old friend of Mr. Hardcastle – age, 60 plus.

Landlord , Servants to Mr. Hardcastle/Tony Lumpkin’s tavern buddies (5), Maid to Kate.

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