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Doubt opens November 19!

Langham Court Theatre proudly presents its second production of the season. Doubt motivates us to challenge, to search, to consider. “Doubt, A Parable” is a play artfully designed to inspire discussion. The major topic of discussion will inevitably be whether Flynn is guilty of sexual abuse, but in fact that question is irrelevant to Shanley’s ends. The point Shanley is making is that doubt has value, and, most importantly, that doubt can be a means of binding a community.

The play was turned into an Academy Award-nominated film starring Philip Seymour Hoffman as Father Flynn and Meryl Streep as Sister Aloysius.

Here’s what the critics said about “Doubt, A Parable”:

“While this is a serious drama about complicated human and social issues, it’s also very funny and entertaining”

“a play, a production, an experience to last you a lifetime..”

“Even as “Doubt” holds your conscious attention as an intelligently measured debate play, it sends off stealth charges that go deeper emotionally…”

Doubt, A Parable” stars:

Extra! Extra! As a special feature, after each performance (except matinees and opening night) the audience is invited to “Reflections”, a moderated discussion (20-30 minutes) of the issues presented by “Doubt, A Parable”.

Awards for “Doubt, A Parable”:

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Performance Schedule (November 18 to December 5, 2015):


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