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Readers’ Theatre presents “Crazy Love” Saturday February 13th at 8 p.m. in the Langham Court Theatre lounge. Everyone is invited to enjoy a night of comic readings celebrating the ups and downs of love! Admission is free (donations are gratefully accepted), and a reception will follow the performance.

First up is Courtship by Horton Foote, a one-act excerpt from The Orphan’s Home Cycle, directed by Jon Scheer. Set in Harrison, Texas, in 1916, this is a quirky tale about a budding summer romance in a small town where it is almost impossible to keep any secrets and where Papa insists that he knows best.

This is followed by a series of vignettes directed by Diane Keating from Jesse Eisenberg’s  Bream Gives Me Hiccups and other stories which has received “overwhelming laudatory reviews”. They all take a different look at romance . Quirky, funny, bittersweet, they show some of the “impediments” to the “meeting of the marriage of true minds” – i.e. bad dates, bad pick-up lines, bad fantasies.

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