A Chorus of Disapproval

By Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by Wendy Merk

Auditions: Saturday, March 3 1-4pm and Sunday, March 4 7-10pm.
Callbacks: Wednesday, March 7 7-10pm
In the Rehearsal Room

Auditions are by appointment only; please contact:   Jean Topham at 250 592-7270 to book an appointment.

Please prepare a song from ‘The Beggar’s Opera’ or a simple musical theatre or folk song, Ms McLynn will be available to accompany. Bring sheet music or sing a-capella. A spoken monologue is welcome, and we will do cold readings from the script. Scripts are available at the Langham Court box office.
The following scenes will be used for cold readings. Page numbers refer to the Samuel French edition of A CHORUS OF DISAPPROVAL:

Pg. 3 – Bridget and Guy
Pg 15 – Bridget, Linda, Rebecca, Enid, Ted, Dafydd, Crispin
Pg 16 & 17 – Ted & Enid
Pg 24 – Hannah & Guy
Pg 31 – Jarvis & Guy
Pg 34 & 35 – Fay & Guy
Pg 42 – Guy & Hannah
Pg 53 – Dafydd & Guy
Pg 55 – Guy & Rebecca
Most of the roles require some singing, please see below for details.

Character Descriptions: 
The play takes place in the north of England, so most characters should have British accents. Not all have to be from the north, and it’s possible one or two could be from North America. The character of Dafydd must have a Welsh accent.  All are performers in the amateur production of THE BEGGAR’S OPERA, so some singing ability is a definite asset for some of the characters.


Guy: bass-baritone. The actor who plays this role must have excellent comic timing. Guy could be in his mid-30’s to about 50. He has never performed on stage before but he sang in the church choir when he was a boy, so he’s a pretty good singer. He gives the impression of complete innocence and ingenuousness, but he’s certainly not stupid. He was widowed about a year before, so he’s rather lonely and in need of companionship. He takes being a good sport a bit far sometimes.


Bridget: Mezzo-soprano. She’s in her late teens to late 20’s, and is angry and fed up with her lot in life. She’s the much under-appreciated stage manager for BEGGAR’S OPERA and is fed up with constantly having to tidy up after the men. She’s very physically fit, is not well educated, and is secretly jealous of Linda.


Dafydd: Baritone or Tenor. A dramatic Welshman in his late 30’s to mid-50’s. He is frustrated with having to work in amateur dramatics, he’s frustrated with his marriage to Hannah, and he’s sexually frustrated. He suspects his children aren’t his own! “Never uses one word when 3 will do.” He’s energetic, emotional, sings well, speaks or yells first and thinks later, and is a very disorganized theatre director. He’s secretly afraid of Bridget. He hated rugby as a child, and is very close to his Mum.


Ames: Non-singing, no specific gender or age required. Ames is the accompanist for ‘The Beggard’s Opera’ rehearsals. * S/he is very intense, shy, unobtrusive, except when s/he can’t take it any more. Has secret liaisons.


Enid: Alto. Aged in her 50’s, Linda’s mother & Ted’s wife. Careworn, quiet, long-suffering. Wishes she had remained single! Secretly hates theatre and all the people that work in it.


Linda: Soprano, late teens to late 20’s, Ted & Enid’s daughter. She’s attractive, spoiled, bored, runs her parents ragged, longs to be accepted into the ‘in’ crowd, is attracted to bad boys of course, went to all the best schools.


Jarvis: bass baritone, age 60 plus. A ‘knowing Northerner’, he thinks everyone else is a stupid twat. He’s a city councillor, he’s tough, vengeful, always trying to make up for his miserable childhood.


Ted: Bass, age 50’s. Mild, pleasant, abstracted, ineffectual, married to Enid, father of Linda. Wishes he’d joined a Franciscan monks’ order when he was young.


Fay: mezzo-soprano, aged 30’s to 40’s. She’s a sensual swinger. Bored with her marriage to Ian, seeking constant excitement outside of it, sexually adventurous, likes a good laugh, malicious towards women she sees as competition.


Crispin: baritone, aged late teens to late 20’s. Tough, hostile, every young woman’s parents’ worst nightmare.Hates ‘the Establishment’, lazy, secretly hopes to hook up with a wealthy girl so he won’t have to work.


Ian: tenor, Aged 30’s to 40’s. His motto: “All play and no work makes Jack a happy boy.” Thinks he’s God’s gift to all women, wife-swapper, loves the disco look, everything he wears is too tight except for the disco chains on his neck.  Secretly longs to settle down to a quiet life in Ibiza, always short of money to keep up his expensive lifestyle.  Has a job keeping up with his wife Fay’s ‘appetites’.


Rebecca: Jarvis’ wife, 50’s or 60’s. She’s a beauty, and was once quite a dynamic force, but is now a notorious lush. It’s her only escape from a miserable but practical marriage. She really can’t sing. She’s a realist.


Hannah: Soprano, Dafydd’s wife, aged late 20’s to early 40’s. She’s a talented singer and actress, mother of twin toddler girls, fed up with her sexually ineffective husband. She’s at a crossroads in her life. Does she stay or does she go?


Chorus: Several roles will be available for men and women of different ages. They will be chorus in THE BEGGAR’S OPERA, scene-shifters, plus will play small roles such as Ray the lighting person, and Dilys the dinner date (aged 87).


* The actual accompaniment may be pre-recorded for this production.
Actor/singers of all ages, ethnic, gender, and cultural identities are encouraged to audition.