By Michel Tremblay

Translated by John Van Burek & Bill Glassco

Director: Judy Treloar

Audition dates

Saturday, August 26 from 12-4

Sunday, August 27 from 6-9

Callbacks: Monday, August 28 from 6-9

Cast Required

15 women

The ages are flexible.

We will be speaking with a working class Quebecois accent.

Below is a little advice on each characters’ traits; however we will be discovering these women as we proceed and rehearse. Except for Olivine, everyone has a lot of lines to learn.

The play is set in Montreal on or about 1965.

For more information re. Audition pieces, please e-mail

Germaine Lauzon               40 -50       Old-fashioned woman Bossy, bossy

Rose Ouimet (sister)          40 – 50      In an unhappy marriage

Gabrielle Jodoin (sister)    30 – 40      Tries to keep the peace

Pierette Guerin (sister        30 – 35      Estranged younger sister

Linda Lauzon (daughter)   20’s           Rebellious

Lise Paquette (friend)        20’s           2 months pregnant Secret!

Ginette Menard (friend)    20’s           Rebellious


Lisette De Courval             30’s           Wealthy snobby neighbour

Marie Brouillette               40’s           Hates Germaine. First to steal stamps

Yvette Longpre                  30’s           Daughter just got married

Denise Verette                   30’s           Single. In love with a brush salesman

Angeline Sauve                 30 – 40      Goes to the bar secretly

Rhiauna Bibeau                30 – 40      Devestated by Angeline’s behaviour

Therese Dubuc                  30’s           Takes care of her mother-in-law

Olivine Dubuc                   90’s           Mother-in-law (Wheelchair)

Scripts are available to read at the box office prior to the audition. A $10 deposit is requested at time of taking the script away.