Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher
Directed by Keith Digby and Cynthia Pronick

Production Dates: April 21 – May 6
Rehearsals begin Sunday Feb 12th

Auditions will be held in the downstairs Rehearsal Room. Audition piece page numbers will be posted in the December newsletter. The scripts are already available online in the MEMBERS section of the website under 2016/17.

Sunday, January 8:
Women (Elizabeth, Poole, Hyde #4)  1 pm
Men (Jekyll, Hyde, Enfield, Utterson, Carew, Lanyon) 2 pm

Monday, January 9:
Women (Elizabeth, Poole, Hyde #4)  6 pm
Men (Jekyll, Hyde, Enfield, Utterson, Carew, Lanyon) 7 pm

Callbacks (if necessary): Wednesday, January 11, 6 pm

Set in London, 1883, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a gothic horror story that explores the dual nature of man.  This is an ensemble piece – bring your ideas and show us what you’ve got!

Main Characters:

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll (male, 45-65):
    Intellectual, emotionally and sexually repressed
  • Richard Enfield (male, 35-50):
    Gregarious, curious
  • Gabriel Utterson (male, 45-65):
    Solicitor, perfect Victorian gentleman devoted to reason and his friendship with Jekyll
  • Dr. Lanyon (male, 45-65):
    Scot, rational scientist who thinks Jekyll’s experiments are unscientific balderdash, but remains a trusted friend and colleague
  • Sir Danvers Carew (male, 50-65):
    Hospital’s Chief Surgeon and self-important bully
  • Elizabeth Jelkes (female, 20s):
    Lower class, clever, risk taker drawn to excitement
  • Poole (female, 40-65):
    Dr. Jekyll’s housekeeper
  • Edward Hyde #3 (male, 35-45):
    Physically powerful, dangerous, charming
  • Hydes #1 and #2 (male, 30-60):
    Dissolute, voyeuristic
  • Hyde #4 (female, 35-60):
    Overtly sexual, wired

There are several Secondary Characters who will be cast from ‘additional company members’ and roles doubled: Sanderson, the Inspector, the Police Doctor, Hotel Porter, Surgical Students, Hotel Maid.

All roles will involve a strong onstage component: crowds, dead bodies, moving furniture-props across a speeding revolve, spreading Gothic fog.


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