Taking Leave

Written by Nagle Jackson
Directed by Angela Henry

The Play:

“A rich … dramatic comedy [that] provokes a great deal of compassionate laughter” – Backstage West. A dementing Shakespearean scholar wrestles with his three daughters and the fading light of his mind in a Stoppardesque parallel of King Lear. Funny and poignant!

Taking Leave offers terrific character roles for all six players. Each carves out his or her own niche of warmth, appeal, humour and irritating quirkiness.

The Characters:

The 2 Eliots:   Two men with similar physique and energy.

60 – 75 years, cultured, articulate, academic, playful, used to being in control and childlike when he is not. Must be prepared for a brief exposure of the derriere.

50 – 75 years, cultured, articulate, academic, tiredly patient with Eliot’s diminished self. Eliot-1 is the former intelligent Eliot before the dementia began unravelling his mind.

30 – 50 years, Eliot’s oldest daughter; concerned, but somewhat narcissistic, unrealistic about her ailing father, indecisive bordering on cowardly

30 – 50 years, Eliot’s second daughter; officious, business-like, practical. Very put-together professional woman working in film, with little patience for her other two sisters

25 – 40 years, Eliot’s youngest daughter; spunky, alternative, warm, cheeky. She cares most deeply for her father’s well being.

Mrs. Fleming
40 – 60 years, the caregiver/nurse. A no-nonsense woman capable of man-handling her patient/charge.


Sat, Dec 3 and Sun, Dec 4  6:30pm – 9:30pm.
Please arrive at 6:30pm. Rehearsal Room of Langham Court Theatre.

Call backs:
Mon, Dec 5, 6:30pm – 9:00pm, Rehearsal Room

Preparing for the Audition
Please come with a prepared reading (not memorized) from the play of a character that appeals to you OR come with a prepared one minute monologue of similar theme and emotional tone.

Download Taking Leave script PDF »

Production Dates:
March 1 – 18, 2017

Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons, but flexibility and changes are possible. A few rehearsals in December, but beginning in earnest in January.

Contact Angela Henry for more information at