Overarching Guild Guidelines:

What does Langham stand for?
A welcoming theatre community with a passion for creating vibrant, engaging entertainment.

What is the Guild?
– a group of people with an interest in a similar area of the theatre who want to share their knowledge, build their skills, create opportunities for mentoring/shadowing and learning together in a fun environment.
– a community of people resources to support live theatre in Victoria.
– a place to socialize and share experiences.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of skill or experience or where their home theatre base is. Each Guild has the ability to define its goals, how often it will meet, what it will do.

Idea / goal is to hold at least one workshop a year.
– find an expert to run the workshop
– instruction normally provided on a volunteer basis (can consider covering expenses, e.g. ferry costs).

Ideally workshops would help new people get involved, as well as experienced people increase their skills.
– if there is a cost for the workshop, it should be minimal.
– preference is that the workshops should be free, so that cost is not a barrier to people coming.
– however, cost recovery is encouraged to cover materials or food.
– if space is required outside Langham, please explore options with costs and discuss with the Education Committee.

Videoing is encouraged, both of workshops or other training. We’ll have a page on the Langham site to host them (via Youtube).

Each Guild needs a spokesperson who liaises with the Education Committee, is the contact person for new volunteers and organizes meetings.

For a list of Guild Contacts, click here >>>

Luke Krayenhoff, Chair,
Education Committee

Guild Contacts

Costume Guild
Ann-Marie Arneson

Directors’ Guild
Keith Digby & Cynthia Pronick

Producers’ Guild
Michael Gosselin

Tech Guild

Stage Management Guild
Finn Archinuk

Set Design Guild
Don Keith

Event Planning Guild
Vinnie Chadwick

Box Office Guild
Dick Newson

Actors’ Guild
Perry Burton

Front of House Volunteer Enquires