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“Reflections” an added feature for Doubt


Please join us in the lounge after each performance (except matinees and opening night) for a moderated discussion (20-30 minutes) of the issues presented by DOUBT: A PARABLE. 

Although actors will be present, this is not a typical talk-back. Its’ intent is to enhance the meaning of the play for you. The bar will be open.

Doubt is a play artfully designed to produce discussion. The major topic of discussion will inevitably be whether or not Flynn is guilty of sexual abuse, but in fact that question is irrelevant to Shanley’s ends, just as the absent child in the play is a tool for everyone else’s moral agonising. The point Shanley is making is that doubt has value, and, most importantly, that doubt can be a means of binding a community.

Our hope is that this moderated discussion will enhance your theatre going experience.

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