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'Better Living' by George F Walker | Directed by Wendy Merk

'Better Living' takes us behind the scenes of a family in distress as single mother, Nora (M Award Nominee-Lorene Cammiade), has to make room around her youngest daughter, Gail (Aisling Goodman), as eldest daughter Elizabeth (Kate Harter) and middle daughter Mary Ann (Michelle Mitchell) move back in. And this coupled with the surprise return of Nora’s ex-husband, Tom (Wayne Yercha), who believes they need to prepare for a looming apocalypse.

To top off this overflowing situation, Gail’s slacker boyfriend, Junior (Colby Weeds), seems never to leave and Jack, Nora’s brother, (Paul Bertorelli) who during frequent visits, attempts to reconcile his lack of enthusiasm with his belief in God and Tom’s insistence on the nearing Armageddon.

Photography by David Lowes / Art Studio 21 Photography