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By Margaret Atwood
Directed by Wendy Merk
Choreography by Sylvia Hosie
Original music composed by Ivana Jokic & Liam Gibson

Performance run April 23 to May 10, 2014

Director & Set Designer: Wendy Merk
Assistant Director: Lorene Cammiade
Choreographer: Sylvia Hosie
Dance Captain: Leah Moreau
Composers: Ivana Jokic, Liam Gibson
Music Coach: Margaret McLynn
Stage Manager: Sharon Sutherland
Lighting Designer: Tasia Schwarze
Sound & Projection Designer: Kevin Stinson
Properties Manager: Joyce Kline
Set Decor: Sven Black
Costume Designer: Ann-Marie Arneson
Costume Assistants: Heather Truswell, Lynn Cadrain
Mask Designer: Troi Donnelly
Set Artist: Anne Swannell
Head Painter: Anthony Johnston
Technical Advisor: Tony Cain
Producer: Andrea Pite
Assistant Producer: Corinna Gilliland
Assistant Stage Managers: Rowan Hebert, Paloma Ponti

CAST (actor / role)
Jackie Rioux / Penelope
Kathy Macovichuk / Odysseus
Gloria Snider / Eurycleia
Sara Gustavson / Maid 1, Melantho
Emily Yarnold / Maid 2, Helen
Leah Moreau / Maid 3, Tanis
Kate Boutilier / Maid 4, Iole
Ursula Szkolak / Maid 5, Klytie
Amelia Petscheleit / Maid 6, Telemachus
Taryn Lees / Maid 7, Naiad
Rosemary Jeffery / Maid 8, Icarius
Corinna Gilliland / Maid 9, Laertes
Nicole Moller / Maid 10
Pippa Catling / Maid 11, Queen Anticleia, Oracle
Alison Fuller / Maid 12, Antinous

Photography by David Lowes / Art Studio 21 Photography