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'People' by Alan Bennett
Directed by Tony Cain

January 14 to 31, 2015

Cast (character / actor):
Dorothy Stacpoole - Elizabeth Whitmarsh
June Stacpoole - Jan Streader
Iris - Geli Bartlett
Bevan - Jason Stevens
Ralph Lumsden - John Owen
The Bishop - Simon Guthrie
Mr. Theodore - Toshik Bukowiecki
Bruce 'Grip' - Malcolm Harvey
Louise 'Wardrobe' - Jennifer Elle Cannon
Nigel 'Assistant Director' - Henry Skey
Les 'Camera' - Thomas Holder
Colin 'Actor' - Bobby Cleveland
Brit 'Actor' - Rosalie Tremblay-Johnston
Film crew 'ASM' - Bryce Knudtson
Film crew 'ASM' - Victoria Stark

Production Team:
Tony Cain - Director
Terry Oliver - Asst Director
Sylvia Rhodes - Producer
Michael Gosselin - Asst Producer
Sheila McKenzie - Stage Manager
Rachel Chan - Asst Stage Manager
Anastasia Schwarze - Lighting Design
Anne Swannell - Set Design
Timothy Watters - Sound Designer
Diane Keating - Costume Design
Heather Querengesser - Asst Costume Design
Jean de Cartier - Props and Set Dressing
Susan Wilkey - Movement and Singing Coordinator

Photography by David Lowes / Art Studio 21 Photography