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That Face by Polly Stenham; Directed by Judy Treloar at Langham Court Theatre, Victoria, BC


'That Face' by Polly Stenham | Directed by Judy Treloar

January 16 to February 2, 2013

For the first time in Western Canada, 'That Face' by award winning playwright Polly Stenham opens at Langham Court Theatre. Touching on critical issues such as substance abuse, dysfunctional family communication, abuse and bullying, this award winning contemporary play starring Kirsten Van Ritzen (Sin City-live improvised comedy show) as pill-popping alcoholic mother, Martha, under the direction of director Judy Treloar (of 4-star fame with her 2011 hit, 'Elizabeth Rex') as they construct the story of an affluent family in freefall; daughter Mia (Melissa Taylor) is suspended from boarding school for drugging another student, her drop-out brother Henry (Michael Bell) who spends his time taking care of Martha and absent father Hugh (Michael King) who has to return from Hong Kong to sort out what his money no longer can.

Photography by David Lowes / Art Studio 21 Photography