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'The Melville Boys' by Norm Foster | Directed by Tony Cain

September 29 to October 15, 2011

Two brothers, Owen Melville (Ben Sutherland) and Lee Melville (Robert Conway), arrive at a lakeside cabin for a weekend alone to have some quality male bonding time - fishing, eating and drinking. Their plans are thrown out of whack by the arrival of two sisters (Mary played by Shara Campsall and Loretta played by Brittany Drew) who become catalysts for a funny and sobering look at four lives in transition. Lee and Mary are both married and Owen is on the verge of becoming so, but he finds the unattached Loretta an attractive option to fidelity. Lee is grappling with some hard circumstances and finds a kindred spirit in Mary, but all of them have different ideas about how the weekend should be spent.

Photography by David Lowes / Art Studio 21 Photography